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Say Please Virtual Book Tour

I have to tell you something.  I have a bedside drawer full of smut.  Well, you do too right?  But this is not the sort of drawer where you stash a toy and some chapstick.  This is a super size drawer.  This is a file cabinet drawer.  Literally.  At some point along the way, a short, silver file cabinet took up residence on my side of the bed.  I know, I know.  This is not a suitable bedside table but I can’t quite give it up.  Where else would I put my porn?  This heavy, heavy drawer is packed with a stack of books – everything from tasty kink like Cinema Erotica to teaching texts like The Bottoming Book.  It always end up slightly cracked, easy to slip my fingers into and edge open for a trip into someone’s back alley.  

Say Please is my new back alley.  

In an effort to be a responsible reviewer instead of slipping away for some…well, quality time…I kept both hands free to jot some notes.  But the fact is, there’s very little here that didn’t thrill me in some way.  Sinclair did a beautiful job picking out a bit of something for all of us who like it a bit (or more, if you’re me) rough.  But what really got me was this: I’ve been reading erotica since I was too young to be honest about.  Hot, yes, it’s always hot.  In every book there’s something that dissolves me, that makes me dog ear a page, that makes the book something to rifle through the drawer for time and again.  Still, you always compromise.  I try to be rational, I know not everyone is turned on by everything, but honestly, I just want more.  

More sex.  More queer.  More spanking.  More submission.  More power.  More begging.  More knives.  More leather.  More butches.  More “Yes, sir.”  More raw.  More danger.  More edge.  

Reading Say Please is like standing in a room with a pack of people who could make you melt just by looking at you.  Whether you give or take (or swap), you are going to have the time of your life.  In every single story I found something to dog ear, something to warm the drawer.  So here’s the thing, I couldn’t find just one story to talk about. They all had something amazing.  

Make you a deal.  Come back tomorrow.  And the next day.  And I’ll tell you what I liked best.  I won’t leave anyone out except myself.  As for that one, ”Three Weeks and Two Days,” I can only promise you that you will never look at a sawhorse the same again.  In return, just visit the rest of the stop on the Say Please virtual tour and if you can, buy a copy.  It is absolutely worth it.

April 1      Say Please release party in SF
April 1 Viviane
April 3 Rachel Kramer Bussel
April 4 Giselle Renard
April 5 Evoe Throw
April 6 Liz
April 9 Roma Mafia
April 9 Daniela
April 10 Official release date! Sinclair
April 11 Dede / deviantdyke
April 12 Helena Swann
April 13 Kim Herbel
April 13   Say Please release party in NYC
April 14 Lily Lloyd
April 15 Kelli Dunham
April 16 Lyzanne
April 17 Lula Lisbon
April 18 Ali Oh
April 19 Jameson
April 20 Rhys
April 21 Charlie Ninja
April 22    Say Please release party in Boston
April 22 Meredith Guy
April 23 Wendi Kali
April 24 Lolita Wolf
April 25 Audrey at Babeland
April 26 Seth B
April 27 Danika
April 28 DL King
April 29 Kiki
April 29 Kyle
April 30 Dilo Keith
April 30 Xan West
May 2 Say Please release party in Seattle

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